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The customs procedure is one of the most significant procedures in the import and export of cargoes. What exactly is the main purpose of customs clearance? What are the procedures for Customs Brokerage service? This post will address all of these concerns for you
What is a Customs Broker?

Customs brokers assist remove barriers in global trade for their clients by facilitating the import and export of goods across international borders. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a big corporation, customs brokers use their knowledge to assist cargo in clearing customs in different nations.
The procedure for Customs Brokerage service:

1. Identify the type of the cargoes

Our staff will conduct the evaluation and classification of goods

2. Completing required documentation for shipments

- Sale Contract 

- Bill of Lading

- Packing List 

- C/O (Certificate of Origin)

- Commercial Invoice

And other document (if necessary)

3. Makes the customs declaration

Declare directly on the VNACCS system of the General Department of Customs.

4. Receiving delivery order (for imported goods)

The Consignee needs to prepare: identity card; copy bill of lading; original bill of lading (stamped) to get delivery orders and charges.

5. Get the streaming results:

The next procedure for customs clearance after submitting and submitting the customs declaration is the result of channeling. There are 3 types of channeling: green, yellow, and red.

  • Green: If the result is a green stream, congratulations!!

However, this stream is divided into two categories: conditional green flow & unconditional green flow.

  • Yellow: If you get this stream, you must produce a set of documents.

It consists of:

- Customs declaration.

- Foreign trade contracts.

- Commercial invoice.

- Packaging details of goods.

- Other documents: C / O, certificate of quality, ...

  • Red stream: this channel is the one that has the most stringent scrutiny. Many procedures must be followed, which are time consuming and costly, it is also physically checked the goods after checking the paper records.

There are two forms of examination:

- Checking with scanners (screening).

- Manual inspection.

6. Tax payment

The final step in the customs procedure process is to pay taxes. To be able to complete customs formalities you can come to the border-gate customs sub-department or the customs office outside the border gate. However, you can use our Custom Brokerage service of Hai Viet to get great support about the customs clearance process.

Customs Brokerage services of Hai Viet logistics

  • Customs declaration for import/export goods: FCL & LCL
  • Customs clearance services for goods requiring permits: agricultural products, dry food.
  • Customs service for fresh and frozen goods.
  • Full service customs declaration service
  • C/O . application service
  • Customs declaration of temporarily imported goods for re-export.
  • And other service.

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation company specialized in: LCL, FCL and Domestic Logistics.With more than 10 years of experience in international freight forwarding and transportation. We can offer our customers many high quality services with the “best price”. 

The benefits you get if you use our services

  • All requests from our consumers are responded to quickly and efficiently. 
  • A team of enthusiastic, thoughtful, experienced staff is always ready to help and advise you.
  • Committed to providing high quality services with “good prices”. There are often many special offers for our consumers.
  • Hai Viet Logistics also combines many forms of transportation.


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