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With so many "advantages'' in domestic road freight, the demand for using Domestic Trucking to deliver goods for short - medium distance orders is  increasing by the day. Compared to other forms, Domestic Trucking accounts for nearly 75% of overall domestic freight volume (The data is updated in September 2021). Why is this form of delivery so commonly used? How does this type of transportation's delivery order normally work? Let Hai Viet logistics provide you with the answers.

What is Domestic Trucking?

Domestic trucking services are a type of ground freight that moves cargo over land from place to place nationally. Trucks use shipping routes to deliver shipments for multiple industries throughout the country.

The advantages of  Domestic Trucking:

  • Shipping by truck allows you to move large or small shipments, as well as shipments that require special conditions.
  • Expedited Arrival: Road traffic routes run flexibly every day. Therefore, the transit time for overland deliveries is always on time and meets the expectations of consumers.

Types of goods that suitable for Domestic Trucking:

Road transport can be used to deliver almost any type of domestic cargo. Items that are often transported through Domestic Trucking can be listed as: agricultural products; food; chemicals & oils; furniture; construction material; vehicles; ect.

Types of trucking services include:
  • Transporting goods for export/import (domestic).
  • Transport all kinds of goods from ports to any location.
  • Transporting long distance orders, transporting goods in transit.
  • Transporting oversized, overloaded items.
  • Pick up - shipping (LCL) to any location.
The procedure for Domestic Trucking service:
  • The Forwarder will receive information from consumers about: type of goods, volume, distance, delivery time, etc.
  • Then, checking; quantifying goods and notifying “freight charges” to consumers.
  • After mutual agreement. The Forwarder will proceed with the delivery.
  • Deliver the goods to the Consignee (buyer/importer) with the “Receipt of Delivery”.
  • The package has arrived.
  • After the package is successfully delivered, the consumer has to finish all the payments according to the agreement.

Domestic Trucking service of Hai Viet logistics

In order to satisfy the demand of our consumers for domestic cargo transportation. Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation provides Domestic Trucking services,  including:

  • Container for “frozen goods”.
  • Container for “dry goods”.
  • “LCL trucking”.

Through the routes:

  • From Western provinces: Can Tho (Hau Giang province); Ben Tre (Ben Tre province); ect → Ho Chi Minh city
  • From Binh Duong, Binh Thuan, and Central Highlands provinces → Ho Chi Minh City
  • From Northern provinces  → Hai Phong city
  • From Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong city → other city

With more than 10 years of experience in international freight forwarding and transportation. We can offer our customers many high quality services with the “best price”. 

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation company specialized in: LCL, FCL and Domestic Logistics. Now, we are a "TOP GUN" licensed customs broker, with International Door to Door service, Forwarding, Logistics and Freight Forwarder in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you choose Hai Viet logistics, you will receive many advantages, such as:

  • All requests from our consumers are responded to quickly and efficiently. 
  • A team of enthusiastic, thoughtful, experienced staff is always ready to help and advise you.
  • Committed to providing high quality services with “good prices”. There are often many special offers for our consumers.
  • Hai Viet Logistics also combines many forms of transportation.

If you have any questions or want to use any of our services. Please, contact the Hotline or our Official Website down below. "Our customer's satisfaction is our pride and our goal".

Contact Info:

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation

Address: B3.01 Florita Apartment, No. 83 D4 Street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Email: info@haiviet-logistics.com

Tel: (84-8)38212498 Fax: (84-8)38212598 

Website: haiviet-logistics.com