Sea Services
Air Services

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation offers several ways to ship freight, Each offers advantages for small moves or shipping large items. Our Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation shipping specialist will help you choosing your best shipping options for global transactions.

Shipping large items or making small moves

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation has the breadth of experience to choose the best lines and the most advantageous ports to ensure the timely arrival of your goods. We provide Door to Door service from virtually anywhere in the world in a seamless, professional manner. Our ocean services include:


LCL groupage Box, FCL, project freight.


In house NVOCC Consolidation services.


Domestic pickup and delivery / warehousing.


Personalized and efficient service.

This shipping companyís commitment to you : Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation shipping specialists are not paid by commission or timed with a stopwatch. We have found that when we help people understand the shipping PROCESS, they are more likely to arrange their shipment through Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation.

Thatís why we are happy to speak with you to our services and we will take care of you personally.

Our Activities' Target:
" We can ship at competitive rate with the Schedule fixed, transit-time shortened and the risk to the cargo's misplaced eliminated, potential damages minimized."

The shipping process

This is how the process works:

    1. First, of all decide what you want to ship. Then decide on the shipping line that you wish
        to use
    2. Go over their terms and conditions
    3. Agree on a shipping rate with them and the method and routing of your shipment
    4. Fill it out the forms required
    5. Some of the documents needed for an export shipment.


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