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Air transport is an important enabler to achieving economic growth and development. Although Air Freight accounts for a low percentage of total freight volume, it is worth up to 30% of the Commodity value. So, what is Air Freight? What is the procedure for air cargo transport? Let's find out with Hai Viet Logistics!
What is Air Freight?
Goods transported by this way are usually goods that require urgent delivery or rare; high-value; perishable seasonal goods; etc. To ensure the safety of the package, these types of shipments need a high level of security and control as Air Freight. This way of delivery is also a form of transportation for landlocked countries, which cannot use “Sea Freight”.
The advantages of air freight
  • Expedited Arrival.

Most air freight routes are straight-forward. As a result, Air Freight can move quickly several times faster than Trucking or Sea Freight.

  • 28-30 times faster than Sea Freight.
  • 8-10 times faster than Trucking.
  • High level of security.

Air Freight is considered the safest form of transportation. First, airplanes have a lower rate of accidents than cargo ships or trucks. Second, because plane security is highly high, goods are usually closely monitored and controlled. This is the reason why “certain items”, such as: jewelry; diamonds; gemstones and significant documents are always prioritized for Air Transportation.

With all the benefits listed above, Air Freight is also expensive: It is 8 times more expensive than Sea Freight; 2-4 times more expensive than Rail Transportation.

The procedure for Air Freight service:

1. Booking aircraft

After receiving the customer's request, the Forwarder will book the plane as required. The shipper (seller/exporter) will receive booking information to check: departure airport, arrival airport, flight departure date, size, etc. In order to prepare the package.

2. Packing - Shipping goods to the airport.

The Shipper (seller/exporter) has to pack the goods and write the “package number” at the request of the Consignee (buyer/importer). The Forwarder is in charge of delivering the package to the airport warehouse. Concurrently, offer FCR (Forwarder's Certificate of Receipt) to the Shipper (seller/exporter).

3. Customs declaration

After the package has been delivered to the airport warehouse, the Forwarder will prepare a Customs declaration form and do export customs clearance before the plane departs. The Shipper (seller/exporter) needs to complete additional specific duties such as: obtaining an export license; fumigation or quarantine for the package (if necessary).

4. Releasing “Master Airway Bill”

The airline will issue a AWB (Master Airway Bill) for the package and the package will be sent to the forwarding airport with an original AWB. The AWB No. 3 will be returned to the Shipper (seller/exporter) with notification of related charges (if any).

5. Send AWB via email in advance

The Shipper (seller/exporter) need to send a scanned copy of the AWB, as well as a scanned copy of all other required documents to the Consignee (buyer/importer), so that the Consignee (buyer/importer) can prepare import customs clearance before the package is delivered.

6.  Arrival notification

Before the landing date, the Forwarder will notify the Consignee (buyer/importer) beforehand so that the Consignee (buyer/importer) can double-check the information, such as: Additional charges (if any); airport warehouse location; ect.

7. Delivery Order – D/O

The Forwarder will collect the original AWB No. 2 when the goods arrive, the Forwarder will take responsibility to go to the airlines or agents to pay charges like: Handling fee; D/O fee; Labor fee; ect, and receive D/O (delivery order) with a set of related documents.

8. Import customs declaration

The Consignee (buyer/importer) can declare the import customs by themselves or use “CUSTOMS BROKER” services of the Forwarder.

9. Package has been received

After all the formalities are completed, the goods will be delivered to the Consignee (buyer/importer).

Which Air Transportation & Logistic company is reliable?
If you have a need of using Air Freight, then Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation is a reliable and high-quality Air Transportation & Logistic company for your reference. With more than 10 years of experience in international freight forwarding and transportation. We can offer our customers full service packages to help them optimize their operations. 

This includes: 

  • Scheduled consolidation services
  • Flexible options (airport to airport, door to door, or combination)
  • Expedited services
  • Deferred services
  • Sea + Air services
  • Oversized cargo services
  • Project cargo services
  • Garment On Hanger (GOH) services
  • Dangerous Good Handling
  • Foreign to foreign services

This is an explanation of the Air Freight service in general. If you have any questions or want to use any of our services, you can contact the Hotline or our Official website down below. "Our customer's satisfaction is our pride and our goal".


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