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“Consolidated shipping” is ideal for those who only need a few loads of freight or a or smaller shipments they need packaged and shipped in one container. This is the most popular shipping solution for small businesses or individuals. To help break down "freight consolidation" and why it’s so important, we wanted to clarify the meaning of the term as well as the benefits it brings.

What is freight consolidation?


A consolidated shipment is the result of consolidating many shipments from different shippers into a single full container (multi-stop truckload) cargo. Consolidated shipping allows shippers to get preferential rates and assists in the optimization of supply chain logistics by saving time and money. 

The advantages of using freight consolidation:


This service brings many benefits to anyone that is involved

The Shipper:

  • Cost efficient: This is the most important benefit of consolidation. You will typically have to pay for the entire space even if you only use half or two-thirds of a trailer. Using a Consolidation service helps you to pay lower freight.
  • High convenience: the Shipper just only has to work with Consolidator instead of having to work with many different Shippers; Carriers; etc.
  • Consolidators also often provide door to door service.

The Carrier:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings: not having to carry out many procedures
  • Optimizing the cargo capacity of shipping containers


  • Build relationships with large ships thanks to the large and stable cargo volume. As a result, Consolidators will receive more incentives from shipping lines and offer their consumers more competitive deals.
The procedure for freight consolidation:

1. Receiving customers's request

Hai Viet will receive all information about: volume and size of each shipment; items type; destination port; etc. Then, advise customers on the most suitable form of transportation.

2. Charge notice

According to the "Incoterm", Hai Viet will offer the customer a price based on the "cbm" of the goods. This includes: port to port; door to port; port to door  và door to door delivery.

3. Make an agreement

 After an agreement, Hai Viet will send notifications of "shipment booking" and "transportation schedule" to customers.

4. Pick up goods

Our staff will be arranged to pick up the goods according to the address and delivery time that the customer provides.

5. Double checking

Examine the shipment's quality and volume.

6. Customs declaration

If you use our "Customs Broker" service at the same time, Hai Viet will also declare and carry out necessary customs procedures for customers.

7. Provide all relevant documentation

After loading cargoes to the shipping ship, customers will receive a set of documents including: Bill of lading; Commercial Invoice; Packing list and other required documents.

8. Shipping progress updates

Hai Viet logistics will regularly update and notify customers about shipment.

9. Arrival notification

Hai Viet will notify the "consignee" in advance when the order arrives, so that the "consignee" can do the necessary formalities before receiving the goods.

10. Complete delivery

In reality, LCL packages in the same container are not always delivered to the same destination port. Some shipments in the "consolidation containers" will only be transported together on one route, then unloaded and continued to be combined with other containers to complete the transportation in the most convenient way. This process is also known as Reloading and usually done at transit ports.

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation

To ensure the most convenient and smooth international shipping, you should choose a Logistics company that provides a good quality of “consolidation services”.  With more than 10 years of experience in international freight forwarding and transportation. Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation can offer our customers full service packages to help them optimize their operations. 

Hai Viet Transport Logistics Corporation company specialized in: LCL, FCL and Domestic Logistics. Now, we are a "TOP GUN" licensed customs broker, with International Door to Door service, Forwarding, Logistics and Freight Forwarder in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you choose Hai Viet logistics, you will receive many advantages, such as:

  • All requests from our consumers are responded to quickly and efficiently. 
  • A team of enthusiastic, thoughtful, experienced staff is always ready to help and advise you.
  • Committed to providing high quality services with “good prices”. There are often many special offers for our consumers.
  • Hai Viet Logistics also combines many forms of transportation.

If you have any questions or want to use any of our services. Please, contact the Hotline or our Official Website down below. "Our customer's satisfaction is our pride and our goal".



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